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BlueStacks - Run Android apps on your Mac- now in Alpha!
Visit for more info.

BlueStacks - Run Android apps on your Mac- now in Alpha!

Visit for more info.



How to Make a Statement with your Images

Check out the post I wrote for Furnishly with some great free apps to help you enhance those photos.

Here is an excerpt-

" With all of the hype lately about the social sharing photo app Pinterest as well as Instagram getting a ton of recent press,it seems like a good time to talk about some of the applications available to modify and improve your photos.

As a consignment shop owner, designer,or consumer,having the ability to modify and improve your photos can be very important since your photos often serve as your “image” –whether it be a business or brand image or even your own personal image.

Often, images don’t get properly edited because of lack of knowledge of options; concerns over cost of programs that may be needed,and even “fear” of not having the “technical” ability. Today there are many options available that are not only low cost or free,but are geared to be more simple and easy to use for more universal appeal.

The applications covered here were chosen because:

  • they are FREE TO USE 
  • are AVAILABLE ON MULTIPLE DEVICE TYPES (i.e. both iOS and Android) 
  • and generally are known for their EASE OF USE 

Therefore,there is almost no reason to not take advantage of them… “

- Check out the Furnishly Blog: How to Make a Statement with your Furniture Images



Retro Photo Effect (aka Hipstamatic-Equivalent) Apps for Android

If you are like me and have an Android phone (actually I just got a Razr Maxx!), sometimes you find that there are some hyped up apps like Hipstamatic and Instagram that you want to use for your Android phone.  

Here are some FREE/LOW COST alternatives over at the Android Market-

Pixlr-o-matic (free) - rated Best Photo Editing App on Android in 2011 by

Retro Camera (free and Plus version for $2.99)- “nostalgic and old school effects”

Vignette (demo version is free and full is $3.99)- applies retro/film effects to your photos

Cartoon Camera (free and pro is $1.69) - now this is a newly released app that lets you create cartoon and sketch like images with your photos