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New Secondhand Fashion Site ->"Threadflip"

Threadflip is your destination for buying, selling and sharing fabulous fashion with favorite friends & like-minded fashionistas.”

According to Mashable, there’s been a proliferation of web and mobile-based channels for selling pre-owned clothing and accessories recently including Copious,  99dresses,  Fashionlend,  Nearly Newlywed, Poshmark. These businesses are aiming to carve a slice out of an area long dominated by the likes of eBay, Etsy and local consignment shops.

Enter Threadflip, a San Francisco-based company which provides both “Buy” and “Sell” services and offers a “white glove service” for sellers who want to be less involved. Right now, your first “box” is on them for those who take part in their “pilot program,” which is great news for those of you looking to edit your wardrobe for summer!